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    Frank Lloyd Wright
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    Create a harmonious work environment that inspires and supports
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    Discover how the ancient Chinese science of Feng Shui can be applied to our modern lifestyle
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    Perhaps constructing a house for ourselves is the last remaining act of slow, careful making that any of us will do
  • Feng Shui is Subtle, Simple & Graceful
    Grand Master Vincent Koh
  • Traditional Feng Shui
    Maximize your surroundings to support your Prosperity and Wellbeing

WELCOME to ShengChi-Feng Shui

ShengChi-Feng Shui specializes in Corporate, Business and Residential Services and has a long history of working both locally and globally with clients, architects, interior stylists and exterior landscapers during the design phase of a project through to the completion of the final product.

At ShengChi we believe that not only do our buildings shape us, but so too does our surrounding environment. Furthermore, the internal space of a building, along with its layout, function and furnishings also plays a central role in the success and well-being of those people who live and work within its walls.

Feng Shui seeks to understand both of these influences, explaining them in a repeatable and measurable way. Via its practice, we can then take our environment to a higher level of order by providing an insight into the impact a building and its surroundings will have and how to either adjust an architectural plan to deliver the best results and outcomes or in the case of an existing building, make subtle changes in either function, layout or furnishings to provide a similar outcome.

Master Janene laird (AFSM)

Our Blogs Posts

  • Feng Shui for the Water Tiger Year 2022

    Over the last week or so, you`ve probably cleaned and tidied your house in preparation for the Lunar Chinese New Year, you`ve held a family reunion dinner, you`ve welcomed the God of Wealth and you`ve refrained from cleaning on Lunar New Year`s day lest you `sweep` all your good luck away.

  • I recently gave a talk for the IFSA USA Chapter Learning Table on Eight Mansions Feng Shui, which is one of the easier and more popular methods used to determine the best locations for an external entry.

  • IFSA Australia Chapter President Master Janene Laird and principle of Shengchi-Feng Shui, whose topic for this session will be `Top 10 Tips for Homebuyers`.

  • Next in our series of complimentary IFSA Webinars is our Australia Chapter President Master Janene Laird, whose topic for this session will be `Ten Top Tips for Homebuyers`.


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