Feng Shui for the Water Tiger Year 2022
2022 02

Over the last week or so, you`ve probably cleaned and tidied your house in preparation for the Lunar Chinese New Year, you`ve held a family reunion dinner, you`ve welcomed the God of Wealth and you`ve refrained from cleaning on Lunar New Year`s day lest you `sweep` all your good luck away.

2021 07

I recently gave a talk for the IFSA USA Chapter Learning Table on Eight Mansions Feng Shui, which is one of the easier and more popular methods used to determine the best locations for an external entry.

2020 10

IFSA Australia Chapter President Master Janene Laird and principle of Shengchi-Feng Shui, whose topic for this session will be `Top 10 Tips for Homebuyers`.

2020 09

Next in our series of complimentary IFSA Webinars is our Australia Chapter President Master Janene Laird, whose topic for this session will be `Ten Top Tips for Homebuyers`.

2020 08

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by successfully Hawkesbury Real Estate specialist Rachael Goldsworthy.

Premier Daniel Andrews – A BaZi Perspective
2020 07

I had the honour this month of having another article published in Feng Shui for Modern Living Magazine.

Trump vs Biden
2020 04

Trump verses Biden! Who will win the next US election? Will it be Trump versus Biden and who is likely to win on the day????

2020 01

Along with the 6 rod metal wind chime & set of 6 metal bells, the `salt water remedy` is another effective option for the #5 Yellow Star.

2020 01

For those born under the Rat Zodiac, it’s your Grand Duke year!

2020 01

I first started working on the Chinese New Year display at Crown Casino in 2015.

2020 01

Yesterday we ushered in the Lunar Year of the Metal Rat (庚子) and although the Chinese Solar Calendar doesn`t officially commence until February 4th, many of us are already preparing ourselves for 2020!

2020 01

It’s time to bid farewell to the Year of the Yi Hai Pig (己亥) and welcome in the Year of the Geng Zi Rat (庚子).

2020 01

One of the most problematic energies in `Flying Star` Feng Shui is the #5 Yellow Star which brings misfortune, financial problems, accidents and sickness.

2020 01

In 2020 the annual #5 Yellow Star occupies the East Palace of your home or business and brings misfortune, financial problems, accidents and sickness.

2020 01

February 4th is the commencement of the Metal Rat (庚子) Year, so it`s time to start thinking about the annual Flying Star energies and their location around your home.

2020 01

With preparations well under way for the Chinese New Year I thought it was time to share my annual article on one of the practices which I like to observe.

2020 01

Thank goodness some of our crazy weather is still predictable as per `Cycle of the Elements` and the Hsia Calendar.  Below is an excerpt from a post I made on January 4th and as of an hour ago we have wonderful steady rain falling.

The bushfires across Australia
2020 01

The bushfires across Australia are unprecedented in their size and ferocity and despite the herculean efforts of our heroic firefighters, still remain largely out of control!   So what can we see from a Chinese Astrology perspective and is there some relief in sight?

2019 11

A few days after the 2019 IFSC in Singapore I had an opportunity to sit down with GM Dr. Stephen Skinner and discuss the history of FSML from its paper glossy launch in April 1998 through to its re-launch online in April 2018.

2018 11

Feng Shui can positively affect our health by helping us to select and arrange a harmonious living space that will enhance and support our mind and body.

2018 11

You’ve probably heard of astrology – most people know what their zodiac sign is, after all. But did you know that there’s Chinese astrology as well, and it plays an important role in our lives?

2018 04

Check it out! The online re-publication of the iconic `Feng Shui for Modern Living` magazine has just gone live at

2014 02

2UE Interview


Janene is interviewed by Peter Berner & David Prior on 2UE talk back show