Client Testimonials

Rachael, NSW

Thank you for everything you do for myself and the Feng Shui family.

Camilla, Sydney

I enjoyed reading the analysis very much, the suggestions are all perfectly feasible. We’ve removed the door in the front room, it already looks and feels better without it. Expanding the entrance won’t be too hard.

Jen & Colin

We had the absolute delight in meeting Janene two years ago when we purchased our new home in Bendigo. From our very first meeting Janene was professional but with a warmth that showed she was passionate and loved what she did.
We had a strong connection from that day, and found Janene to be very friendly, accessible and always open to answer our many questions We would highly and thoroughly recommend Janene if you were looking for a Feng Shui Master to help you. You will be thrilled with the outcome!


I am so grateful that I met Janene while she was doing our office consultation, her positive energy instantly attracted me. Janene’s knowledge about Feng Shui and how to increase prosperity, health and happiness has been really helpful for both our company and me personally.
With her amazing knowledge and care factor when dealing with her clients, you instantly feel warm and comfortable to be in her presence. I highly recommend Janene to all those interested in Feng Shui. Thank you so much!


I cannot thank Master Janene enough for her help and advice when it came to Date Selection for the birth of my sons. Harry and Finn were delivered by cesarean due to health reasons, which meant that I could have somewhat of a say as to the time and date of their births.
Harry is now 22 months old and the most loving, placid, healthy, intelligent little boy. Finn is only 3 weeks old and is an absolute joy, settling easily into the family dynamics. I am truly blessed and cannot thank Master Janene enough, as I believe it is because of her help that my children are such happy, healthy and balanced little souls. She helped to select the most auspicious time and date for their birth and definitely got it right!
If you would like further insight into your life or that of a family member via Chinese Astrology, then Master Janene is the person for you. She is highly skilled, an excellent communicator and extremely kind and generous with her time. I highly recommend her services – you won’t be disappointed!


Your continued feedback and information are very useful and help in the day to day activities at work and home.


“Our goal was to refurbish two French farm buildings as one large house, whilst still keeping the character by using original materials such as mud bricks and timber. Fortunately, we could benefit from Janene's Feng Shui analysis and were able to follow her recommendations for changes to the floor plan and location of the main entrance and swimming pool. We are thrilled with the result.


Wow thank you. I perceive this analysis well worth it. It’s quite a daunting task to be buying property for our retirement fund and very helpful when your report ran along the same lines as my first impressions. Thank you again. It’s so nice to have someone like you in our lives and offering the purest of advice with only the agenda of wanting us to do well. You must love what you do.


Thank you very much for the thorough IV Pillars analysis