About Feng Shui


Over thousands of years the time tested techniques of the ancient practice of Feng Shui have consistently shown how they can improve general luck and increase prosperity, health and happiness. Although this system is intrinsically linked to traditional Chinese Taoist philosophy, the practical tenets of classical Feng Shui are universal with an intensely practical approach to the modification of luck, based upon the understanding of location, ch’i energy, landform and time. Hence the true art of Feng Shui lies in a skilled practitioner’s ability to adjust the environment and pool or activate beneficial ch’i from the surrounding land.

In fact the rules of Feng Shui apply equally to the siting of a city, down to the arrangement of the living space within your home. Therefore what you make of your location and environment affects your health, relationships, productivity and success. The decoration of a room and the positioning of furniture may not have as great an effect as modifying your external surroundings, but it can still noticeably improve the interior environment of a home or office and positively affect the lives of the people who live and work there.

Centuries ago in China, natural landforms such as mountains, valleys and rivers were prevalent and the houses were popularly oriented towards the South. Living standards and needs were basic and as such, Feng Shui practices were simpler and revolved around architecture and culture. Today our lifestyles and desires may well have evolved, but the pursuit to constantly improve our success and well-being still remains. Landscapes, especially in cities, are now dense and cluttered, with an absence of space and natural elements.

Therefore my role as a modern Feng Shui Master is to utilise this ancient art and apply its classical principles to a 21st century world of ever changing urban spaces and diverse cultures. Nevertheless the careful selection of a site for your home or office and the subsequent arrangement of its interior spaces still remains a relevant and very effective way of creating a balanced, harmonious and auspicious environment.